We are known as one of the most respected names for the sales of printers and cleaning products and services. We are the clever alternative whether you need a whole printer or printer replacement pieces. When you choose us, we make sure that the software you choose suits the built-in hardware framework that runs your program efficiently.

We have a professional team which can also completely install and help complete systems to do what you want. Our business manages high-end servers and servicing of printers. We also work with leading laptop, printer and notebook firms. We have developed expertise in integrating various hardware brands in a single coherent and reliable work unit that achieves optimum output by proper alignment.

We have reduced consumer costs by supplying them with a one-stop-shop solution. Including our printer and associated hardware sales.

Our Quality Policy “The Single Stop- Service Destination for various brands” at Imaging Solutions aims to maximize client satisfaction by constantly increasing the performance of our quality control system.

Core Free OS Zoo is supported by professional technocrats who have over two decades of hardware maintenance and service experience.

The Company currently operates in all divisions, such as Sales & Services, AMC & Laptop repair chip levels, laptop printers and other peripherals.

Our customer service cell with a clearly specified professional hierarchy handles customer requests, on-site telephone help as well as in-house maintenance every day.

Our ideology is to lift collectively. We have a success story to predict our corporate ideal and ensure our business growth. Customer loyalty is also at the forefront of our activities and is aimed at building a client-centered network.

Since its modest start, Imaging Solutions has taken great strides towards its competitive life with a strong emphasis on our dedicated quality standards.

Our quality standards at Imaging Solutions are an ongoing process that ensures and reflects on the customer satisfaction as the keystone for the future.

For any other questions regarding the repair and maintenance of printers and printers, contact us.